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A FEMJOY movie directed by Tom Mullen | Date: November 22, 2015


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FEMJOY Member Mar 24, 2016 11:30:11 AM

Wow ! So much Good wawes ! So much talent in Lorena and the movie-maker, BRILLANT ! Thanx, i 'm happy to have join this site today..UPPER CLASS !

FEMJOY Member Jan 24, 2016 5:41:53 PM

My heart is pounding the air is rushing in and out of my lungs my lips are begging to explore,my penus is singing your name begging to be planted deep,deep,deeply inside the perfection…I love you I love you I love you…The hungriest feeling to squeeze those cheeks those beautiful cheeks… I want to splash big,big,big inside…My lips are kissing that back with so great a tenderness of loving affection you will shiver and shake when the realizations enters your mind to how much I love you I love you wow,wow,wow L+O+R+E+N+A+ !!! Lorena Lorena Lorena I wish to put a tingle in that pussy pussy pussy in those breast breast breast make you my wife, best friend beloved……………> OH<OH<OH Lorena the baby would be heavenly >

FEMJOY Member Dec 15, 2015 11:02:50 AM

Spectacular pee-pee & asshole show on the beach! Bare butt nekkid from the start! Very good hot nasty little girl!

FEMJOY Member Nov 23, 2015 1:27:30 PM

Lorena in motion---poetry in motion.

totally WOWed Nov 22, 2015 10:28:00 PM

Lorena, su sonrisa se caliente mi corazon. Su pelo fluye suavemente como un rio. Su cara es la mas bella de todas. Ninguno se compara a ti. Te quiero, mujer de mis suenos!

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This Movie
Model: Lorena G.
Artist: Tom Mullen

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