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A FEMJOY movie directed by FEMJOY Exclusive | Date: September 13, 2014


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FEMJOY Member Oct 9, 2016 7:42:29 AM

This has to be one of the most sensual videos I've seen between to beautiful young women trusting their bodies to each other. This is very tactile and visually stimulating video, love the contrast between their bodies, especially their vulvas. The trust between Eva and Very completely blows me away. Loved 07:34 where Very opens her legs even wider as soon as Eva starts stroking Very's vulva. I can see where other commenters are coming from regarding briefly touching each other's vulvas, because Femjoy could have included more footage of this, as the 02:30 mark transitions to Very in the middle of gently stroking Eva's vulva. They could have lingered longer there. Likewise around the 04:10 mark where Very straddle Eva, the camera angle could have shown their vulvas from behind to show off the beautiful contrasts between them. There are some gem moments like the glimpse we get of Eva's clitoris around the 02:40 mark, where Very strokes a finger upwards, between Eva's inner labia, travels up Eva's clitoris and in doing so fully retracts the clitoral foreskin/hood to expose the bare glans of Eva's clitoris for a brief moment, before seeing Eva's foreskin spring forwards once released, to completely cover her pearl. These images are incredibly erotic for me, so there is certainly enough to enthral and fire up the imagination, but Femjoy could have taken things a little further. There is potential for Femjoy to make a sequel or follow up video in the future. Overall this video makes a great starting point for Femjoy to branch out from and explore other themes and commenter suggestions.

FEMJOY Member Apr 7, 2015 11:28:03 PM

The mouth kissing was ok, but it would have been nicer to see them licking pussy.

FEMJOY Member Dec 2, 2014 3:31:56 PM

Fishnets are just so sexy.

FEMJOY Member Oct 3, 2014 11:02:09 PM

I loved this video - please give us more of two beautiful women making love, fearless and passionate

FEMJOY Member Sep 18, 2014 3:39:45 AM

I watched again to see if I had missed something. I hadn't! It has to be 8.5 minutes of my life I can never get back--the worst video on Femjoy ever. They behaved like 2 young schoolgirls, not knowing what to do, so they mostly just kissed. Neither girl ever did much more than briefly touch the other's genitals. A real bummer!

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This Movie
Model: Eva K.
Model: Very
Artist: FEMJOY Exclusive

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