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A FEMJOY movie directed by FEMJOY Exclusive | Date: November 6, 2016


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FEMJOY Member Nov 8, 2016 8:58:25 AM

I fond it impossible to believe +++L+A+R+A+++ that you are lonesome especially if someone get to see you naked gorgeous, magnificently sexy,tantalizingly sensuous lady of incredible beauty…You are one special rare lady of the highest quality that opened my eyes and made my heart pound like a jackhammer spilling over like a waterfall…When you flipped over and fingered on your belly those cheek drove me insane with desire…I would be doing some serious kissing on them and tenderly squeezing the perfection…OH<OH<OH<OH< you made me beg to be inside for days +++L+A+R+A+++L+A+R+A+++L+A+R+A+++ I loved the symphony from your lips wish I could turn up the volume and intensity…XOXOXOXOXO XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MICHAEL LOVES THE LARA GODDESS OH<OH<OH<+++V+A+G+I+N+A+++ MAKE ME A DADDY PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

FEMJOY Member Nov 7, 2016 9:30:44 AM

My mouth was open from the beginning I could not believe what I was watching the incredible beauty…I cannot lie and must admit I was watching very closely precisely how she used her fingers…+++L+A+R+A+++L+A+R+A++L+A+R+A+++ imagine my fingers that are experts now getting that +++V+A+G+I+N+A+++ prepared for something bigger with precision filled with enormous love… I am so horney now and need to be rescued from seeing the amazing,wonderful,magnificent woman of extraordinary sexual beauty…I really need my wife now and she knows who she is the ocean waves are building higher and higher pounding the shoreline…"Please Give Me those Toes" Beloved I am soaked wet,drenched, drooling for babies………………..>>>

FEMJOY Member Nov 6, 2016 11:32:31 AM

Great to see Lara again & to revisit her previous videos & photos. Few things are as exciting as overall golden blonde nakedness. Although in this & the last few videos it takes halfway through to get everything off, which is kind of long for my male arousal pattern.

FEMJOY Member Nov 6, 2016 7:26:31 AM

Awesome video with the very sweet and natural erotic Lara. Many happy incredible returns Lara. A real pleasure. Thanks.

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This Movie
Model: Lara
Artist: FEMJOY Exclusive

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