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A FEMJOY movie directed by Andrej Lupin | Date: December 23, 2009


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FEMJOY Member Aug 14, 2018 4:25:31 PM

Why does Stacey or any of the other models always have a 50% rating from me before I get a chance to rate them? This video would have got all the stars I could give for the fine performance Stacey put on here.

FEMJOY Member Dec 9, 2010 11:35:03 AM

Fantastic, their should be more videos like this, where model is actually doing something, rather than just strutting about. Now if you can just get her to talk to us too, like a real TV cookery programme

FEMJOY Member Aug 31, 2010 11:07:32 AM

This video makes me dream. Of the beautiful Stacey, of course, bringing me cookies and telling me with a seductive smile that she was naked while she's baked them. Then I'd ask her whether it's turned her on to bake in the nude. And if I look carefully at her sweet vagina at around 5:30, she'd have to admit that it did. I love seeing the models actually aroused in their photos and videos. Since there's no better proof they were truely comfortable and happy while shooting, and had as much fun posing and acting as I have watching them.

FEMJOY Member Jan 21, 2010 6:02:07 PM

Nice and sexy girl

FEMJOY Member Jan 8, 2010 5:15:17 PM

Sweet (no pun intended) playful fun with a warm and beautiful lady!!! An awesome video!!! Thanks Stacey and Andrej!!!

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This Movie
Model: Stacey
Artist: Andrej Lupin

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